We become excited each and every time a prospective client inquires about care, as we just love learning about people!

We offer free consultations for prospective clients where we answer any questions you may have regarding our midwives, what we do as licensed midwives, how our model of care differs from mainstream OB care, about homebirth and who's a good candidate to birth out of a hospital, and for us to get to know a little about you!

We are sure to touch upon fees for service, billing arrangements, insurance questions, as well as the important topic of how we keep folks safe during homebirth. Beginning to get a sense of what a prospective new client is looking for in midwives helps us provide the customized care you deserve during this most transformative time of your life.

Nest Midwifery offers comprehensive, individualized care for the entire childbearing year.
Prenatal Care 
Prenatal care typically involves up to hour-long visits that include assessment of client’s overall health and vital signs, any necessary lab work and screenings, fetal assessment, as well as preparation for your upcoming birth. Around 36 weeks Nest Midwives do an in-home prenatal visit to discuss your hopes and plans for your birth, backup plans in case of a transport to the hospital, and to familiarize themselves with your home.  
Labor and Birth Care 
Nest Midwives provide attentive and knowledgeable care throughout labor, birth and the postpartum period. We assess the wellbeing of birthing person and baby throughout the labor and birth process, provide labor support and options for comfort, as well as information and recommendations when complications occur. Nest Midwives are trained and equipped to suture perineal tears, and administer intravenous fluids, oxygen, some pharmaceuticals. Our midwives are also certified in both Adult CPR and Neonatal Resuscitation.
After the birth, Nest Midwives will assess the wellbeing of mother and baby, assist with breastfeeding as needed, examine the newborn, and ensure overall family comfort and safety prior to leaving the home. In the event of a medical transport to a hospital, Nest Midwives will accompany the client and assume the role of doula and advocate for the client’s wishes.  
Postpartum Care 
Nest Midwives offer several postpartum visits, including 2-3 home visits in the first week after birth, and then office visits at 2 and 6 weeks after birth. Each postpartum visit will include assessment of mom and baby’s vital signs, newborn development and behavior patterns, physical and emotional recovery from the birthing process, and assistance with breastfeeding.


Pregnancy & birth stir up a variety of questions, check out some of the most commonly asked questions we touch upon during consultations to get a taste of Nest Midwifery.

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"It’s difficult to put succinctly into words the profound experience our family had working with Melissa."

"Her presence is intuitive and her knowledge expansive. Pregnancy, labor, and birth are as unique to a human as one’s fingerprint, and Melissa facilitated a deeply personal understanding and relationship to pregnancy and beyond. I strongly believe that the beautiful birth experience of our family is owed in part to truly feeling safe, known, and valued by our midwives." -Margot Presley, mother of Aviva

"We will forever cherish birthing our son in our own home and be forever grateful to Laurie and her team!"

"Laurie was immediately the most responsive and communicative caregiver I had encountered. I work in the healthcare industry, and to say I was impressed with her professionalism and thoroughness is saying a lot. However, this wasn't why we chose her to assist with our birth. It was her kindness, her compassion, and her exemplary understanding of the natural mechanics behind the relationship between birth and trust, love, and respect. I highly recommend Laurie and her team for any low risk birth." - The Nelsons

"Words do not express how highly I recommend Melissa to any parent."

"Melissa was my midwife for 4 years. During that time she supported me through two miscarriages and the births of my 2 youngest children. Throughout my time in her care I experienced joys and challenges and Melissa met me in those moments with genuine compassion and support. Her knowledge and gentle guidance helped me feel calm and confident.  She is extremely competent in her clinical skills and I trust her judgement completely." - Emily